Method to my Meals – Method to my Meals

Get Started With Your Plan

My first lesson in cooking was learning to PLAN AHEAD.  All of the recipes you’ll find here will be exponentially easier if you decide what you’ll make for the week, shop for it, and then prepare it according to your plan.  It’s important to look at your week ahead and figure out when you will grocery shop and what you will cook on which night. For ingredients like fresh fish fillets or steak, I like to buy those items the day of cooking.

I typically cook 2-3 times a week, and Sundays are when I go all-out. Weekday recipes tend to be healthier and on Sundays I like to experiment or try a more tedious dish as I am able to start cooking earlier in the day. Obviously, every week is different as you start to factor in kids, work, travel, etc.

Decide how you like to read your recipes. Do you like to read them on a screen or on paper? If it’s a screen, I recommend taking screen shots. Personally, I like to have the actual printed/photocopied recipe in hand as I shop and cook.

When I started to really dive into cooking, I would often come across utensils, methods, or ingredients that I was confused about. In these circumstances, Google and Google Image can be SO helpful to clarify. I encourage you to do a quick Google search if you see a term that you are unsure about, it’s all part of the learning process.

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