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Micheloma Recipe

Micheloma by Pablo pasti

Micheloma by Pablo Pasti is the innovation of a Mexican bar named Licoreria Limantour it is prepared by the head of bartender Pablo Pasti, Micheloma is an innovative mixture of two popular Mexican cocktails they are Paloma and Michelada. This is a unique mixture, it is inspired by the international works of fusion, It is innovated especially for the Kurimazutto and OMR Gallery part for Zona Maco in 2018.

Recipe of Micheloma Cocktail

Ingredients: 1 oz. Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco, oz. Cynar (artichoke-based bittersweet liqueur), larger beer, oz. grapefruit juice, Pink salt, and pepper

Method: Mix the Casa Dragones Blanco, grapefruit juice, Cunar, and ice, shake the mixture and pour into a highball glass with a salted rim, top with beer

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